Current Projects

Projects at various stages of development (working titles).


  • Policy Design and Performance in Digital Westminster.
  • Centres of Government

Digital Government Case Study Series 

  • All of the cases are open access and available through Policy Ready here

Working Papers

  • Pickering, H., Craft, J. Ministers Staff in Australia & Canada
  • Craft, J. Marciano, R. Within Design Feedback: on loops, effects, and strategies
  • Craft, J.  Comparing Digital Policy Design in Westminster Systems
  • Henderson, S., Craft, J.  Policy Reform in Westminster Systems
  • Craft, J., Henderson S.  Canada’s Federal Policy Community.
  • Craft, J. Comparing Centres of Government
  • Craft, J. Governing from the Center: Tactics and Trends
  • Craft, J.  Performance Management in the Digital Era.
  • Craft, J.  Digital Government Performance Management

Book Chapters (under review/in press)

  • A tools-based approach to understanding & optimizing policy advice in Routledge Handbook of Policy Tools, M. Howlett eds.
  • Craft, J. Marciano, R. Managing Policy Advisory Systems: Trends and Strategies from Anglo Westminster Systems.  T. Hustedt (eds). Handbook of Governance, Regulation and Public Policy.  Edward Elgar.
  • Craft, J. Policy work: Ministerial advisers and making policy.  In Shaw and Eichbaum Eds (Handbook of Ministerial Advisers.  Edward Elgar.)