Current Projects

Projects in development (working titles).


  • Policy Design and Performance in Digital Westminster.
  • Centres of Government: Tactics and Trends
  • Policy Advisory Systems Handbook. (eds) with G. Capanno, and M. Howlett
  • Canada in Comparative Perspective. (eds) with E. Lindquist

Digital Government Case Study Series 

  • A collection of open access case studies in partnership with Code for Canada and the Institute for Public Administration are available open access through Policy Ready here.  New cases always in development.

Working Papers

  1. Craft, J. Henderson, S. Taking Stock of Policy Staff Over Time: Insights from Anglo Countries. (Revise and Resubmit, Policy  Studies)
  2. Craft, J. Marciano, R. Policy Formulation and Within Design Feedback (Revise and Resubmit, Policy Sciences)
  3. Henderson S., Craft, J.  Punching Above their Weight or Falling Flat? Flagship Policy Reform Initiatives in Australia, Britain, Canada, and New Zealand (Revise and Resubmit, Australian Journal of Public Administration)
  4. Craft, J. Inside and Out: A Feedback Approach to Policy Advisory Systems
  5. Craft, J.  Performance Management in the Digital Era
  6. Craft, J.  Comparing Digital Policy Design in Westminster Systems
  7. Craft, J., Henderson, S. Digital Era Federalism: COVID and Intergovernmental Relations in Australia and Canada.
  8. Craft, J. Comparing Central Agencies in the Anglo Tradition
  9. Craft, J.  Digital Government Performance Management