2018 Policy & Governance Workshop

Daniel Béland and I are pleased to be hosting the 2nd annual Toronto Public Policy and Governance Workshop to be held at the University of Toronto on March 16th and 17th, 2018. The workshop offers a unique space to disseminate and discuss rigorous and cutting edge public policy and governance research. It is limited to a small number of paper givers with one hour dedicated to each paper.  This year’s workshop features:

Marisa Beck (Ottawa). The governance of energy information: comparing Canada, the United States, and Germany.

Daniel Béland (University of Saskatchewan) and Kent Weaver (Georgetown). Federalism, Policy Feedback, and the Politics of the Canada and Québec Pension Plans.

Katherine Boothe (McMaster). Ideas and social policy: Public trust, expertise, and institutional change in Canadian drug assessment.

Carey Doberstein (UBC). Democratic Accountability and Healthcare Governance in Ontario.

Beryl A. Radin (Georgetown) and David L. Weimer (Wisconsen-Madison). Compared to What?  The Multiple Meanings of Comparative Policy Analysis.

Tim Heinmiller (Brock University). A Multiple Streams Analysis of Canadian Gun Control Policy, 1989-2012.

Evert Lindquist (University of Victoria) and Adam Wellstead (Michigan Technological University). Causal Mechanisms in Policy Process Research: Are We Taking Them Seriously? Should We?

Patrik Marier (Concordia), Kyoho Lee (Concordia), and Daniel Dickson (Concordia). The Social Gerontology Policy Index.

Grace Skogstad (Toronto) and Matt Wilder (Toronto) Strangers at the gate: ideas, anomalies and the effect of institutional discourses on biofuels policies in the United States and European Union.

Phil Triadafilopoulos (Toronto). A Religion Like No Other? Islam and the Limits of Multiculturalism Policy in Canada.

Özge Uluskaradag (Concordia). Whose Order? From Yes Minister to Bottom Up: Health Policy Making in France and Turkey.

Matt Wilder (Toronto) and Jonathan Craft (Toronto). Scaling Up and Across: Policy Advisory Regimes